3rd July 2015



Free Intellectual Property Seminar for Hertfordshire Businesses

Business & Technology Centre, Bessemer Drive, Stevenage btc.

Our Firm’s 1st IP Seminar of 2015 was held at the btc Stevenage, and it was a pleasant return to these familiar surroundings.  The new parking arrangements did not seem to put off any would-be attendees, nor did we lose any who had to take a couple of minute stroll from the carpark before arriving at the entrance of the btc.  We feel sure that the real coffee and Danish pastries helped to welcome everyone before the Seminar got started for real.

In common with other IP Seminars, our Neil Chambers talked about the various forms of Intellectual Property, with assistance from our Anthony Burrows.  Our team also included Laura Chambers, who expertly hosted the Seminar and kept it running smoothly.

The morning started with registration, coffee and networking, and those who arrived early got started straight away in raising some interesting queries about IP.

As the Seminar commenced, Neil started by defining registered rights and unregistered and by introducing each of the main Intellectual Property Rights (Patents, Registered and Unregistered Trade Marks, Registered and Unregistered Designs, Copyright, and Trade Secrets).  Neil discussed the importance of IP and described what each right protects.  He went on to provide various examples of items, etc. protected by IPRs, and gave the attendees the opportunity to test their just-learned knowledge to try to work out what protection was applicable and, importantly, why protection was sought in real-life scenarios.

Next, we were taken through the formal requirements for obtaining the IPRs, which range from full Examination for Trade Marks and Patents, through a rubber-stamping process for Registered Designs, to Copyright, which subsists automatically (i.e. no form of registration required).  Neil briefly touched on strategy and general ‘housekeeping’ type advice, before briefly defining infringement of the respective IPRs.  Importantly, Neil also described various safe-harbour exceptions to infringement of the respective IPRs and Marking of products, for which one can find further details on a recent post on this website.

The Seminar closed a little late, and some questions in hind-sight should perhaps have been held until the end as they were perhaps not relevant to the majority of attendees, but we all live and learn and will improve this management of the Seminar for next time.  Despite the number of question, on the whole the Seminar flowed well with attendees from various backgrounds discussing IP in an informal atmosphere.

Thank you to sall those who attended!

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