26th May 2016



Intellectual Property Seminar, Thursday the 26th May.


For a synopsis of the Seminar, please follow this link, which will take you to the FSB's First Voice publication online for September / October 2016, and take a look at the left-hand edge of page 2!


The Federation of Small Businesses (the FSB) and Burrows Chambers Associates are pleased to announce that we are hosting an Intellectual Property Seminar this May.  As part of the FSB's 'Training on Tap' series of events, the Seminar is being held at the Green Man Hotel and Restaurant (http://greenmanstanford.letseat.at/) in Stanford, near Biggleswade, on the evening of Thursday, the 26th May.

Those from businesses and individuals will be very welcome to attend - whether or not your are a member of the FSB - and we aim to provide you with an overview of the various Intellectual Property Rights, what they protect and how to go about obtaining them, as well as to give those businesses and individuals an opportunity to network.

The Seminar will be delivered in an informal manner in a non-sales environment, with questions encouraged throughout, which makes for a great open forum.  A copy of the slides - which provide a useful reference tool - will be supplied to each attendee after the Seminar by e-mail.

The intended format of the Seminar will be welcome, buffet and networking from 18:00, with the Seminar opening at 18:30, and closing at 20:30.


To see more details and book your place, please click here (which will take you to the Eventbrite booking page set up by the FSB).  A small charge is being levied for attendance, which covers the light refreshments.  However, please note that our own time is being provided free-of-charge.

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